Monday, June 08, 2009


Sitting in a beautiful campground for the maiden voyage of The Beast. Garden of the Gods is nearby and the weather is wonderful. Watching The Belmont Stakes and rooting for my favorite, Boo Boo on Mine that Bird. I would love to see Calvin Burrell win his triple crown. I must say that this beast is amazing. It is air conditioned, quiet, private, and cozy.

And They’re OFF..It was exciting as all get put but he came in 3rd. Dang.

It is a balmy evening, lots of little kids and dogs around but it is pretty quiet. I got to take a nap on my own bed and ate dinner cooked on my own stove in my own kitchen. It sure beats a motel all to pieces. Even watched some TV, although we will need a converter for next weekend. Paul Blart, Mall Cop, was really cute. It amazes me , all the modern conveniences on these motor homes. You really could live in one all year round. (not me, but someone) Even Jack the dog likes it. He curls up on the couch and sleeps, which is his favorite thing to do, on his favorite pillow, which I kindly packed.

What fun!

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