Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chasing Harry Winston

Summer is here and I am going for the fluff this week. Lauren Weisberger, author of “The Devil wears Prada” is back with a “name brand” book, as I call it, full of fancy restaurants, designer clothes, and romance galore. This is a real chick book, perfect for beach reading. Fun and fast paced, this is like a nice truffle, from a box of chocolates.

The story follows Emmy, Leigh, and Adriana, in their quest for Mr.. Right or at least, Mr.. Right Now. Different approaches, learning lessons the hard way, and cranky parents flow easily through this book. Men, jobs and money come and go in this bit of cotton candy,but it is the perfect book for sitting on the beach or lounging on the deck. If you are looking for a nice appetizer, this is the one!

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