Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Truth and Beauty

Friendship seems to be my theme for the summer.

Ann Patchett and Lucy Grealy,poet and author of “Autobiography of a Face” were friends during their Grad school days and beyond. Lucy's face, disfigured by cancer and numerous surgeries, was no hindrance to her spirit. Yes,she got depressed,but she glowed with the brightest light. Sex, love, parties, the wrong men, drugs, life in the fast lane, all the while Ann is trying to keep Lucy on track. With all she went through at such a young age, Lucy’s spirit was amazing, resilient and resplendent. I don’t think I could have survived all she did.

Ann decided, after a drunken night, with mean taunts thrown at Lucy, to “write my way into another life”. She went on to become a glorious writer. They both have an undying spirit. Truly amazing! Lucy tries in different and more extreme ways to “fix” herself so she can find love, Ann keeps writing.

With the success of “Autobiography of a Face” Lucy is surrounded by friends, fans and hangers on, mistaking fame for love and needing constant reassurance. When she can no longer write, and last attempts to reconstruct her jaw fail, Lucy falls into a depression so dark and deep, she cannot escape. Lovingly written by her best friend, Lucy’s working life is a series of ups and downs. So joyous, depressing, happy and sad, Ann Patchett loved her friend deeply and was loved in return. This is a beautiful friendship that endured so much on both sides, beautifully written. As I said before, Ann Patchett is superb!

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