Wednesday, August 05, 2009

No more PDF’s

I have learned my lesson. No more PDF books! I received an inquiry for a review of a book by Virginie Sommet, “Only in New York, Darling!” and of course I said yes. Maybe I did not read the fine print, but the book came in PDF form. Okay, I will give it a try, but a computer is so much bigger than a book, it won’t fit in my pocket, and I am taking too long to read it. So far it is interesting and I will review in the next couple of days, if I can “get er done”. I don’t think I will be accepting any more e-books unless they come with a Kindle! ( used, old model, new, anyone?) Any takers??


  1. I don't mind reading articles
    short stories, and previews
    of a book on the Internet,
    but I don't think I could
    get into reading anything
    over 20 pages from a computer.

  2. computer screens are awful to read from at the best of time, even without the portability issues.
    And I doubt anyone has ever "curled up in bed with a good computer."

  3. I totally agree. I got one last month, but it is a book that I really want to read, ao I'll have to suffer.

    Just came across your blog; it's great!