Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Salon- The Second Slow Read

This was the second of my three slow reads, you know the one where you want to know what happens but you don't want it to end.

Whiskey Gulf by Clyde Ford was a surprise for me. It was really exciting and so well written, and no, I did not want it to end
When A couple goes sailing and they disappear, the members of their "yacht" club ask Charlie Noble to check into it. Questions arise even among the group, could they have faked their disappearance? Charlie is an ex Coast Guard Intelligence officer, who locates the wreckage of the boat, one piece bearing the registration numbers of the missing craft. Tests indicate that the vessel may have been torpedoed, and Charlie uses all his connections to find an answer. He enlists his friend Raven, and together they embark on a dangerous path to the truth.

I really loved this book. It felt like I was on the sea, wind in my hair. Never having been on a boat, I was thrilled, and wished I was not land locked. Exciting and intricately written, this thriller is a keeper!

Thank you to Susan Taft-Bourgo at Perseus Books for introducing me to Clyde Ford and Charlie Noble.


  1. I've never heard of this author (so obviously, not the book, either!)I'm going to my library site next to put it on hold.

    I'm enjoying the latest Faye Kellerman -- I'm nearly done and I'll be sorry to see it end. (I feel that way, by the way, about Rosamonde Pilcher, too, who writes a COMPLETELY different kind of book!) I have a few others I'm also reading or about to start, and from what I've read in pre-reviews, so to speak, I think Three Kisses by Heath Daniels is going to fall into that "sorry to see it end" category." It's international intrigue and adventure, which I do enjoy. One person said that "it's a big thick book that holds my attention." Who could ask for more?"

  2. Got my hold placed already! And our library has it, so I should be able to get it after the holiday. Of course, I have several others ahead of it in line but, oh well. "Whiskey" shall wait in reserve.