Monday, December 14, 2009

Love Him or Hate Him?

Love him or hate him, Dan Brown can tell a story! His Professor Robert Langdon is one of the most interesting characters created in a long time. What I wouldn't give to be as smart as he is. I was on the edge of my seat ( or bed) as I read "The Lost Symbol". The factoids that Brown adds regarding "secret societies", hidden items, and just plain stuff that not everyone knows about, keep the series fresh. While he is no Shakespeare, Brown can keep your interest. This time, it is The Masons, who hold the secrets. Racing through the streets of Washington DC, while running from a mad monster of a man, and the CIA, Langdon is the code breaker, hero, and possible love interest, trying to protect the biggest secret in Mason lore, and save a life. The story rocks, and if you must suspend belief, then do it. It is a good time! ( and a great procrastination tool)
I smell a new Tom Hanks movie in the future!

How much is true and how much is made up is up for discussion. I have a copy of "Decoding The Lost Symbol" and will be reading it, and reporting back.

I received "The Lost Symbol" from my daughter for my birthday! Thanks, kiddo!


  1. I love getting books as presents from my daughter. :-) I am one of the few people around who wasn't excited about The DaVinci Code.

  2. Loved his first two Robert Landgon books and will eventually get to this one as well. Glad to hear from someone who liked it.

  3. An interesting review. Looking forward to reading what you think of De-coding The Lost Symbol, I've heard a lot of people mention it but have yet to read a review.

  4. I absolutely DEVOURED this book. I thought 'The DaVinci Code' was good and I found 'Angels & Demons' to be FAR superior. But this... well, 'The Lost Symbol' is stunningly and cunningly crafted.