Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making a better nest? A Back to Basics Guide to a Balanced Lifestyle !

I got this terrific little book by Christine Eisner, a little while ago and am feathering my nest. No I am not tearing up the pages, but the tips and ideas in "Comfort Living" are making my inner Martha come out. The photos are beautiful and serene, and I would love to live in them. To smell the candles, lean back on the pillows and just be. It is not really a decorating book, but using what you love, your treasures, doing away with your obstacles, building your own "campfire" for warmth and comfort, making your house into a warm and welcoming home, this book has it all.
There was also a workbook, so the 8 week plan is going to start after the first of the year. I love a home, instead of a house. Even with my admitted messiness, I am striving to make this a loving, warm and wonderful home. To that end, I am getting rid of a lot of "stuff", to clear my obstacles. Going through closets, giving to charity, just lightening my load. This book was the impetus! If you are looking for a balance in the New Year, check this out. It is terrific!

I received this book from Rebecca at Cadence Marketing Group. Thanks so much!


  1. What a great time of year to read a book like this. My place is small and in chaos. It's not relaxing to be home these days.

  2. I am so glad to hear that you liked my book... We all have that person inside us that, when we do something "kind" for our home, we stand back and say, "Wow, I did that. How cool is that?!"
    My book is about small steps that actually can make a difference in how and where we live.
    I can tell you, I'm no Martha (I can't deal with all the fuss of her approach), but I sure believe that the greener grass is right under our feet - if we take the time to realize it.
    Thanks again!