Friday, January 29, 2010

Hard Boiled with a Twist

Imagine if you will...a hardboiled, cigar smoking PI, a slinky blond, tough policemen, mean security guards, and a cute imagine your detective is an Italian Greyhound, your slinky blond, is an Afghan Hound, your policeman is a Pit Bull, your secruity guards are Doberman's and your cute barmaid is a Chinese Crested. If you can imagine all that, you are ripe to read Dino Vicelli Private Eye, In a World of Evils, by Lori Weiner.

Written in a very simple noir style, it is an entertaining little book, if you are not looking for anything heavy, or thought provoking. Mad scientist, people track (instead of dog track) clones, and murders (gentle murders, if that is possible) lead to a satisfying conclusion. It looks like this could be a series, and if you are a dog lover, this might be right up your alley!

This book came from Robyn at Carol Fass Publicity. Thanks!

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