Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Salon- Abandoned and Forgotten

Evelyn Tannehill has written an amazing memoir of her childhood during WWII. Can you imagine being on your own at age 9? Orphaned and afraid, a sheltered child, who has no idea how the world works, outside of her family farm, with death everywhere, hopeless, struggling for survival.

Eva Rapp and her family are living a comfortable life on their farm in the German Provence of East Prussia. Hitler is promising the people of Germany "everything", and delivering nothing in his quest for power and land. War breaks out, but still Eva and her family are safe, but rumors are making them think about sending the children to safety. Caught between German and Russian battles, the older children make it to the last train out, but Eva and her brother Henry, remain at the farm with their parents. Taking as much as they can carry, the family tries to get to safety.

Eva's father is captured by the Russian army and sent to Siberia, leaving the children and their mother to cope with starvation, freezing weather, disease, and the rampaging Russians, Germany's sworn enemy. When Eva's mother dies, her struggle to survive becomes an incredible tale of strong spirit, and a will to live in a better place.

This book was amazing, I was astounded by how much she was able to remember, and record. Her trip back as an adult will bring tears to your eyes.

I received this book from Paula Krapf at Authors Marketing Experts Inc. Thank you!