Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Doctor Strange....No love

I have to go to the Doc to see if I am well enough to have surgery. So they send me a letter saying everything I need to do...No eating after midnight for blood tests, wear comfortable clothes, bring meds, make sure you have an advanced directive in place along with a medical power of attorney in place.....wait, what? Am I going to die? Is it that dangerous? It's a hernia for Gods sake. Granted it is a big one, but WTF? Now they have me scared!

I have had several surgeries, and have no recall about having legal papers in place. I have signed many consent forms, stating that it is okay if I die, but this is really getting scary. Maybe I need to make a will. Maybe I need to cancel the surgery and live with the hernia. Maybe I need to go on vacation.

Have things changed so much since my last surgery, a few years ago? Maybe I was drugged when I signed papers, and don't remember. Just weird.


  1. They're just covering their asses.
    Good luck -- you'll feel much better when you're 100% again.

  2. Loving the new look blog. With sueing become ever more common, I think they do this to cover their own backs plus there seems to be this belief that the more we know, the better we feeel. I'm sure everything will go well. Best wishes.

  3. Bybee and Petty Witter are right. It's just a liability thing. I'm sure you'll do just fine. Wish you a quick and easy recovery.

  4. Thanks to everyone!

  5. Adding my well wishes! And I LOVE the new look with your blog! Great job!