Friday, May 14, 2010

Hazardous To My Health

Marcia N. Hill has written a harrowing book about her life with "Claude Hall" one of the men who portrayed the Marlboro Man.

When Hill and her children are kidnapped and held captive by Hall, he beats, rapes and abuses her, all covered in some detail in the book. Samoan enforcers, mafia ties, nightclubbing, Jimmy Hoffa, Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors, it made my head spin. Broken bones, beatings, kept prisoner and no one came to her aid, since this guy was so powerful? Her frightened children, trying to help her, without much success, seemed hopeless.

I had a real struggle with this book, not because it is big, or overly scholarly or even poorly written, but did she never find out who this guy really was? Was every law enforcement agency on his payroll? It is just awful to think what this woman and her children went through. And how lucky she and her children are to have healed, physically and mentally.

To anyone else who has read this one, your thoughts?

This book came from the author.


  1. Sounds so strange and harrowing...not sure I'd want to read it.

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