Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Snow

Eric Van Lustbader has written a bang up tale of espionage in "Last Snow". This is the second book in the Jack McClure series, and it sent me running to the library for "First Daughter". It is great as a stand alone, but I enjoyed it so much, I wanted more!

American Senator, Lloyd Berns is killed by a hit and run driver on the Isle of Capri. Problem is he is supposed to be in the Ukraine. Jack McClure is a strategic advisor to the newly elected, President of the United States, Edward Carson. Jack is dyslexic, but he sees things very clearly. The man has skills. Jack saved President Carson's daughter, Alli, from a kidnapper, and has the ear of the President and First Lady. Unfortunately, they don't seem to get the fact that he has a job to do, and they send their daughter with him, on his getaway plane.

The President is in Moscow to sign an accord to put a stop to sales of nuclear goods to our enemies in the Middle East. It is a tricky deal, with crazy generals, criminals, and corrupt politicians. Throw a rogue Russian FSB agent, Annika (beautiful, of course), and Alli into the mix, and the bullets and sparks start flying.

Though it was a little predictable, I found myself staying up most of the night to finish. The ending is huge, and leaves you wondering what will happen next!

I won this book from Goodreads.

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