Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wonderful Storytelling

I was a little nervous when I heard about this one. The author is a deeply religious man and I always fear being preached to, but my fears were never realized. Although religious, the thoughtful author warned the reader when he was going to delve deeply into faith issues. I was grateful, but read the sections anyway. "Hiking Through" is wonderful storytelling.

After the death of his beloved wife, Paul Stutzman decided to walk the Appalachian Trail. Yes, he walked over 2000 miles. This little hike takes a lot of planning, my friends, and it sounds like he planned well. He left the job that no longer gave him joy, and hiked.

The story of his hike, the characters he met, and their stories, were beyond fascinating. I wish I had his courage, and resolve. Travelling through many states, he met amazing people, and had delicious conversations. I would love to have been a mouse in his pocket (a tiny skinny one, so as not to be heavy). Through really rough weather, wind, rain, cold, exhaustion, sunshine, flowers, loneliness, he hiked, on and on. I am not an outdoor person, but if anything could inspire me, it is this book.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, struggling or not. It is an amazing journey, and one you will enjoy.

I received this book from Maia at Phenix & Phenix publicists. Thank you so much for this journey!

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