Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fortunate Harbor

Emilie Richards has written the perfect blend of romance, and suspense, perfect for late summer reading. Sitting on the deck in the sun, sipping iced coffee, I found myself caught up in the story, and I connected with the characters, five women living in a run down housing development, Happiness Key. Tracy owns Happiness Key, the only thing she received in her divorce settlement from her husband CJ. A modern day pirate, he is in prison for cheating investors out of a lot of money. She rents out the small shabby houses to a fun assortment of women, Janya, a woman who wants nothing more than a baby with her husband Rishi, Wanda, a wonderful pie maker, Alice, a wise older woman who speaks her mind, and Dana, a single mother hiding a terrible secret.

Tracy thinks she is losing her mind when she keeps catching glimpses of CJ nosing around her house. But that is not possible, since he is in prison, right? She is trying to start a new romance but nothing goes as planned.

Dana needs friends, but she is more than reluctant to open up and accept the women’s help and friendship.

Jayna longs for a baby, but her husband is becoming more and more distant. He is hiding a secret of his own.

Alice is the wise woman, dispensing advice whether you want it or not.

Wanda was fired from her waitressing job and decides to open a pie shop, only to enrage the owner of the bakery near her, with nearly disastrous results.

Secrets are revealed, romances begin and end, and not every ending is a happy one, but this is a good read if you need a dash of chick lit.

I found it just a little long, but worth reading.

I received this book from Alexandra at Planned Television Arts for review. Thank you!

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  1. thanks for the recommendation, I love the cover of the book and it is obviously very approriate.