Monday, August 16, 2010


I should be wearing them, as I am turning into a puddle of water. This heat is too much! I wasn’t bothered by heat for so long, but as I age, I find myself wishing for A/C, or moving to a cooler climate. (An Ice Hotel in Sweden perhaps.)

Two collections of short stories have come across my eyes recently, very different, but both very good.

First up is “Muse and Reverie” by Charles DeLint. Fantastical realms, fairies, Crow Girls (love the Crow Girls Christmas, almost wet myself laughing), magic, and wonder. Newford ( a city of wonder and magic) is somewhere I wouldn’t mind living. As I read this collection, I just fell into the fantasy and wanted more.

“Vanishing and Other Stories” by Deborah Willis, is a very different read, but no less wonderful. Stories of love, loss and longing, make for a good read on a wet afternoon. Thoughtful, sad, but somehow lyrical, Willis writes from the heart, making me wonder if she has known such sadness in her life. The word melancholy comes to mind when thinking of these stories. They are fascinating, complex and worthwhile.

“Muse and Reverie” was loaned to me from my son’s library.

“Vanishing” came from Erica at Harper Perennial for review. Thanks to both of you!!


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  4. Both sound like great collections though I'm ore intrigued by the Charles de Lint. I've always meant to read his work but haven't yet. I'm going to have to rectify that soon.