Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Lumby on the Air

Gail Fraser has done it again. Another trip to Lumby, the quirky little town that has come under fire from developers, looking to cash in on the area. Pam and Mark Walker are enjoying their inn, the former Montis monastery, and decide to hold a family reunion in celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary.

Everyone knows that getting relatives together can be a bad idea, and with all the characters living in Lumby, this could be a disaster. With the town hosting the county fair, there is a lot to do (if you like that sort of thing) and the young people are not receptive to the simpler life. Pam's Mom shows up with a boyfriend and a death wish, Carter, Mark's brother-in-law (a shock jock sort) shows up with his crew to broadcast (and make fun of) from the tiny town, Mark's estranged sister, Lynn shows up with her prized cat (the sexy thing) causing Mark angst.

We also have Old Jesse, the not too friendly bull, and of course Hank the flamingo is on hand.

Will Lumby survive to continue being the sweet, small town we love? Or will it become another paved over resort town?

Gail Fraser writes these books so charmingly, and so hilariously, that I can't resist another trip to Lumby. If you love the small town life, a slower pace, and funny as hell characters, these books are for you.

I received this book from Caitlin with FSB Associates. Thank you so much!! I love Lumby!!

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