Monday, August 02, 2010

The Privileges

Jonathan Dee has written a novel that starts with a beautiful wedding, between children of privilege (Adam and Cynthia). As the years progress they have children of their own, children who have issues being the children of privilege.

Cynthia and Adam have a beautiful apartment, money and yet Cynthia feels like something is missing, as her children get older and don't seem to need her as much. She has too much time on her hands. Meanwhile Adam delves into investments, and discovers that a lot of money can be made in insider trading. It is too bad he did not feel too bad about it.The money pours in like Evian, as Jonas and April (the children) struggle with their own destructive behavior, their own privilege, as money gets them in and out of trouble, possibly deadly trouble.

This book was like looking through a peephole backwards-the people small, but with big plans and dreams, all just wanting for everything to be okay in the end.

I got this book for Big Red from the library.


  1. I really like the look of this one!

  2. This book sounds really interesting!