Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Rich &Too Thin...Can you be?

Not an Autobiography, is the sub title for this novel. Barbara DeShong has written an interesting character in Jessica LeFave. She is a psychologist, mourning the death of her husband, which has been ruled an accident, but she is sure it was murder. As she struggles to find out answers, she is drawn into another murder investigation, the Jacksons, Bernice and her husband are brutally murdered, and Jessica is asked to look into the psychological aspects of the crime.

The Jackson children are a mess, the son and daughter, both adults are a mess, suffering from mental issues that could make them suspect. Bernice has so many enemies, that the list of suspects is long, indeed.

Meth, books, movie making, bikers,a mystic Native American, a giant fat man, and a crazy cast of characters, makes for quite the story.

Bernice (always striving to be richer and thinner than she really is) has written books of the soft core porn variety, using history and molding it to her needs. Making them into movies turns out to be murder!

This book was at times humorous, and always engaging, as Jessica searches for the truth in both cases.

I received this book from Kate at Phenix and Phenix Publicity. Thank you!


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