Thursday, September 09, 2010

While I was away

I often wonder about people who are under 40 and are writing their memoirs. I mean, what do they have to say? They have not really lived, and no one likes a whiner.

Helena Andrews has written her memoir about men, career, and getting through those tough times with a gal pal she calls "Dude". Maybe I am too old or not hip enough, but this one left me cold. Her problems finding Mr. Right, seem to be finding Mr Right Now. She makes bad choices, and whines about the lack of good guys.

She is successful, in that this book is going to be a movie....Yea?! And she has a successful career as a Washington D.C. journalist.

It has been said that this book is charming and witty, but I did not see much evidence of that. I did not snicker or even smile much during this read.

Her lesbian Mother was weird, moving constantly, her Grandmother took her from her Mother and it was like a kidnapping. Her unconventional childhood helped shape the woman she is today.

I wanted to like this, but I can't say that I did. I am not a young black woman, so maybe that would have made a difference, but this one was not for me.

I received this book from Alexandra at Planned Television Arts in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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  1. I have no idea who Helena Andrews is, but I do agree that you need to be old enough and have lived enough to be writing a memoirs. What's with Justine Beiber who is all of 16 and he's writing a memoir. What can he possibly have to tell us: the acne medication he uses?