Monday, October 04, 2010

Once Wicked, Always Dead

T. Marie Benchley has written a mystery/love story, kinds chick lit with an edge.

A serial killer is murdering perverts, each in a grisly manner. This killer is very smart and leaves no clues.

When Molly Madison loses her parents in a terrible accident, she inherits a large ranch, in Montana. Her husband is anxious for her to sell and has a plan for the money. When Molly discovers the ultimate betrayal (her husband's affair), she starts divorce proceedings, and returns to her ranch, to rebuild her life. Of course there is a handsome ranch manager, Clayton, the tough cowboy type, and instant attraction hits them both like lightning.

Someone wants her ranch at any cost, and when bad things start to happen, several suspects emerge.

Family secrets are revealed, and when things come to a head, the result is explosive.

This debut novel is a quick read. Although it is a little predictable, it still manages to hold the attention, and entertains the reader.

I received this book from Shirley at Newman Communications, Inc. for review.

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