Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drop Dead Divas-Virginia Brown

Apparently the small town of Holly Springs, Mississippi is not the place to live if you want to live. Bitty Hollandale and Trinket Truevine are members of a crazy group of 12 gals, called the Dixie Divas (or ditsy divas if you prefer) who seem to have a habit of solving murder mysteries.

In this light and fluffy book, the girls get involved in the murder of a race car driver, aptly named Race Champion. His fiancĂ© is the main suspect until she turns up dead too! Getting themselves into and out of trouble seems to be a full time job for these friends, and the police sure don’t want their help.

As the girls and their friends search for a killer, they end up to their necks in martinis and trouble. Throw into the mix a bad dog named Chen Ling, Bitty’s dog, who is aka Chittling, a sex toy shop and picture of the small dog running down the street with a very large sex toy, and you will find yourself laughing until you feel the tears running down your cheeks. That scene alone was enough to make this read worthwhile.

Once again, this was the second in a series (dang it), so I may need to go to the library and find the first book.

Always remember, what happens in the Divas, stays in the Divas! Fluffy, simple, fun for a cold weekend!

I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review.

And more drama…

I had a lovely MRI on Saturday. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be inside a skinny (almost skinnier than me) tube, with ear plugs, trying not to move or cough or spasm. Geeze….

The reason for the MRI is that my thumb and forefinger on my left ls hand have been getting more and more numb since my wonderful fall in June. They don’t know if it is from the shoulder and surgery or if I injured my neck as well. My life is turning into a comic strip. All of these people around my house, and I can’t catch a break with a butterfly net. All I want to do is sleep and weep.

I am thankful that I have my girls home at last, and that my sweet Man is getting over his cold.

I am thankful that The Girls man friend H made us a feast for Sunday dinner, just like his Mother makes in South Africa.

I am thankful that despite all of my bitching, my family still loves me! And they may help me cook Thanksgiving dinner!!

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