Thursday, November 11, 2010


Reading the many,many blogs that tend to fill my reader, it seems like many of us are in a reading slump. Is it the weather? Perhaps the onset of the holiday season, that makes it hard to read. I have found myself slumping lately. My review copies are piling up and the guilt is washing over me as I type this.

One of the blogs I follow, and there are so many, that dammit, I can't remember which one, had a very good discussion about this very topic. How we get so excited and then over-commit ourselves, making it a job and not pleasurable to be a reader. I sit and stare at the books I HAVE to read and still hunger for the books I WANT to read.

I have been trying to be pickier about what I am accepting, and the evil finish monster makes me read books that I am not enjoying, but can't abandon. I think that this contributes to my slump. It takes me longer and longer to read a book, and my enjoyment is declining. Maybe I need a break, but I still have books that I have committed to read, so .....

How do you handle the slumps? was Jennifer at Crazy for Books ..whew

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