Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Financial Lives of the Poets (and the rest of us)

Jess Walter has written a book that I really, really liked. It had everything..humor, tears,angst, and a look at that edge that so many of us live on.

Matt Prior is a newspaperman, a writer of financial news, at a time when the news is not so good. He decides to startup his own web site, dealing with financial news in verse. Okay, so it wasn’t a well planned out idea, but how hard would it be to go back to work for the paper? (papers are dying every day, and it broke my heart when the Rocky Mountain News went under) He was rehired and then laid off in a matter of months. He is days away from losing his house. His wife may be cheating on him, he is caring for his Father who is suffering from dementia, so he goes to 7-11 for milk. He meets some stoner dudes, and hatches a plan to save his life, as he knows it.

I thought this book was hilarious, but it hit a sensitive place in me towards the end, and made me shed a tear. All in all I highly recommend this book! I just found myself pulled in and twisted around until I finished with a huge loving sigh. This guy can write!

I received this book from Erica at Harper Perennial for review. Thank You!

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