Friday, January 14, 2011

Celebrity Chekhov-Ben Greenman

What a clever book this is! Ben Greenman has taken Chekhov's short stories and replaced the characters with todays "celebrities". David Letterman to Tiger Woods, Paris Hilton to Nichole Kidman, this book is such a witty reinvention of the classic with very interesting results.

By using popular culture figures, the stories seem to take on a fresh, new meaning. When I started this book, I did not see how it could work, but I quickly fell under its spell.

A found baby, a happy marriage, an insecure movie star, a father and daughter all emerge in wonderful stories with a new perspective.

I really enjoyed this book. I was not sure I would like this one, but boy, did I ever! It was like finding a pony in a pile! (an old family saying)

I received this book from Harper Perennial for review. Thank you so much!!

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