Sunday, January 09, 2011


So, it is snowing like a mofo outside. Roads are slicker than snot and it is freezing. Now my coffeemaker decides to die. Leaking all over the counter, coffee running onto the floor, you know the drill. I started (after the cleanup) making espresso, but you can only drink so much of that without flying around the room. I want coffee, regular, massive quantities of my coffee!

I looked for another coffeemaker online and the soonest it could be here was Tuesday. Tuesday?? My headache will be terminal by then! Then I remembered....I had an old coffeemaker, standing by, just in case of emergency. I did not have to break glass, I just had to locate said spare. The Boy found it for me and I was ecstatic! I quickly made a pot and poured that first cup, took a sip.......and remembered why I did not use this coffeemaker. Yuck! It is funny how you get used to something. Bold brew, timed to perfection, tasty and soothing. Well, crap!

The roads are too slick to go out, it is freezing, and after 11pm, so I guess Tuesday will be okay. Sigh.........

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