Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Pointed Death-Kath Russell

Armed with just a brain and a dog, Nola Billingsly discovers the biotech business can be MURDER!

Nola learns the hard way when she finds her former employee beheaded in a park while walking her pointer Skootch. He had stolen from her and ruined her startup, but Nola is determined to solve the mystery of his murder. Industrial espionage is big business, involving an International cast of bad guys from San Francisco to China.

Along the way she meets and falls hard for the cop assigned to her fraud case, Robert Harrison. He keeps warning her not to get involved, but she cannot resist.

The supporting characters including her mother Janie Belle (a displaced southern belle) her associates, and of course Skootch, make for a fun, and fairly fast paced read.

Some of the tech stuff was a little "boggy" for me, but it quickly picked up and raced to a rousing and unexpected conclusion.

I hope this series continues because I love the over 40 Nola and of course Skootch.

I received this book as a part of a Pump up your Book tour. Thank you so much!

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