Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sunday Salon- 1 down on my only challenge

Another weekend, down the tubes. Still fighting health issues, hence the x-ray of my shoulder. Going to the fancy neck Dr. tomorrow, so hope they can suggest something other than more surgery.

I am 1 down on the Steampunk Challenge- finished "Soulless" and loved it! (review coming) I got all 3 books in the series for Christmas so gooooooooooo me!

Watched "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest" yesterday. WOW!! I hope the American version can do it justice, since I love, love love the Swedish series.

I was disappointed to see the casting for my favorite book.."Atlas Shrugged". Most of the cast are from TV shows like One Tree Hill (John Galt..are you kidding me?). I will try really hard not to judge until it comes out, but I fear my disappointment will be great. I have read the book every 2 years since I was 14. (Obsessive perhaps?)

Finished "Just Kids" and I can see why it won the National Book Award. It is lyrical. (review next week)

I have been wandering the "blogosphere" reading new blogs and commenting, but no one is coming to see me. I have almost 100 followers, so that is my goal for Feb. 26 more followers....pipe dreams.

Going to make chicken fried steak for dinner so I guess I'd best get cracking.

Have a great week......

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