Monday, March 07, 2011

Home to Woefield-Susan Juby

This book is simply charming! Told in 4 voices, it is the story of Prudence, who inherits a rundown farm from an Uncle she barely knew. She also inherits Earl, the hired hand, and a half shaved sheep. Debts are through the leaky roof, but Prudence (who I think has read too many books, and seen too many movies) brings her overly optimistic self to make a go of farming.

A one book novelist, she lies to the bank, takes in Seth, the alcoholic son of a neighbor, and Sara, a young girl raising prize winning chickens. Prudence decides to supplement her income by teaching writing to the locals.

Running a farm is much more than she anticipates, but Prudence's high energy and "Pollyanna" attitude help her charm even the hardest heart.

Will this ragtag, motley group be able to save the farm?

This book has humor, sadness, and hope. Something for everyone.

I highly recommend " Home to Woefield" as a book with great heart.

I received this book from Harper Collins for review. Thank you!

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