Monday, March 14, 2011

Like Clockwork-Bonnie Dee

Victoria Waters invented the human looking skin for "automatrons", human looking robots, the new working class in Victorian England. This leaves many of the former working class angry, starving and very upset, to say the least.

When Victoria is kidnapped by Dash, the handsome leader of The Brotherhood, the anti-automatron movement, she is taken to the underground train tunnels running under London. The Brotherhood is an organized group, protesting the loss of livelihood to the human looking robots. They want to be heard, and Victoria is just the one to help them.

A steam punk novella, "Like Clockwork" is a mystery, a romance, but it could have been so much more. The story change was so abrupt, and the ending just turned me off, with its sex scenes.

I liked the steam punk story, and wish it could have been fleshed out into a more complete novel.

I read this for the Full Steam Punk Ahead Challenge.

I received this e-book from Net Galley for review.

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  1. Shame, I was about to rush and put this on my library list if not my wish list - your closing comments have me re-thinking as sex scenes generally put me off a book as well, especially if there are too many of them or they are very graphic.

    Better luck with your next read.