Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Latest Disaster...and a Happy Ending

So here I was, taking a nice nap, when my cell phone rings. I fumble an end up knocking it into my half full coffee cup. Lovely! I quickly dried it off, took out the battery, put it in rice, used a hair dryer, and nothing. Nada. no lights, no sounds. All photos lost, all contacts lost. CRAP!

I beat myself up a little, then I got down to looking for a new phone. And I found a lovely little touch number. I was going to change carriers, but hell, I have been with the big V for a long time so I signed up for another 2 years and gave them my first born child, and got my new phone overnighted.

I love it! I am sure I don't have all my contacts back yet, but they never call me anyway.

Have you ever dropped a phone in liquid? Were you able to save it? Let me in on the secret for my next disaster.


  1. Oh no! In case that ever happens again I have been told that if you take the battery out and place it in a bowl of rice for a day it should dry it out and work again. Don't know why but apparrently that's a fix!

  2. In the toilet... LOL dont ask. :) The rice thing worked for me.