Saturday, April 16, 2011

Changing Shoes-Tina SLoan

Actress Tina Sloan has written a fun, gossipy book about how we can "Get Older-NOT OLD,with Style, Humor and Grace".

"Changing Shoes" is the metaphor she uses for the life stages we go through. From high heels, to low heels, to flats, and in my case slippers. her advice is sound and she really hits home with many of her stories. Her career in  soap opera, Guiding Light, was very successful when she was younger, but as she aged, as we all do, her role changed, from the sexy nurse in heels, to the nice older nurse in tennis shoes. What a great way to show how our society views aging women!

Sloan withstood the youth crazed audiences by being solid and steadfast.She also believed we owe it to the generation coming up to share, and to be generous with her knowledge and to share what we have learned through trial and error. Maybe we can make it easier for them.

I found this to be a fast and easy read. Light and funny, with moments of sadness, when writing about her parents decline.

Tina was generous with her advice, and her humor, even when writing about tough subjects. Her grace shines through.

I would recommend this book to younger audiences, as well as we older gals. I think there are lessons here for all of us.

I received this book from Leyane at FSB Associates for review. Thank you!

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