Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zero Day- Mark Russinovich

This is a cautionary tale about cyber-terrorism, by Mark Russinovich, who is in the top tech position at Microsoft, so he should know!

As we use computers for more and more, we have the technology to help keep ourselves safe, but not everyone uses it or keeps it up to date. Cyber attacks are a real threat, and in this book we see the nightmare come to life. The threats escalate, deaths happen, due to computerized pharmacy records, businesses face ruin, and a reactor meltdown is imminent.

Jeff Aiken is a former government analyst who now owns his own security business, cleaning up messes. His client is a law firm who have lost all of their electronic records, billings, briefs, etc. As Jeff tries to close in on the virus, hospitals are being hit with the wrong prescriptions being given to patients, resulting in deaths. An airliner loses control and nearly crashes to Earth.

Jeff contacts others working in the cyber security business to see if they have uncovered anything like what he is dealing with. The trail leads to Russia and France where people are being murdered to keep the secret and time is running out.

This was a very modern thriller, full of technical information, but not so much that I couldn't understand it.

Security is no simple thing, but backing up and using the tools available to us is a good start. I immediately backed up, updated antivirus and spyware software, and ran it all! Yes, it scared me silly!!

This book was an intelligent thriller with a message. We are vulnerable, both personally and as a society.
I can recommend this to anyone reading this blog, since you are probably on a computer, and to anyone who loves a good thriller.

I received this book for review from Phenix and Phenix Literary Publicists. Thank you!

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