Thursday, May 26, 2011

Armchair BEA- Relationships

Nurturing relationships...and they do need to be nurtured. Such a good topic!

I have been extremely lucky to have good working relationships with several publishers and publicists, as well as some authors, that I have maintained over time. I must also say that I have lost a few, for reasons unknown. I have tried to read in a timely manner, print honest reviews, and I always, always thank them!

Other bloggers, not so much.....I have tried to Tweet with no replies (I assume I get lost in the shuffle), I visit many blogs, I leave comments (the life blood of many bloggers) and I think you have to be polite and respectful to everyone.

When I started blogging, there were not nearly as many Book Bloggers out here in the blogosphere, and I had  better relationships with my fellow bloggers. I think it is like going from a small high school to a big college, you try to make friends, but there is not enough time. I know this probably sounds needy, and maybe it is...I need advice on how to make my relationships better within our community.

As I have been reading the responses on sites, there is much good advice and I am going to attempt to follow some of it.

Enough whining....I need to go and do some visiting and leave some comments! Maybe even make some new friends!!


  1. I am not a tweeter either. Leaving comments is a great way to foster community as well as participating in some memes.

  2. Twitter is hard because if you're not on there constantly, you miss tweets and the more people you follow or have following do get lost in the shuffle. I agree that commenting is key to the best communication.

  3. The book blogging community has gotten really big. There was a time when I could get around to all the blogs I enjoyed and leave good comments almost everyday. Now I might manage once a week.