Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogging tips for Newer Bloggers

I may not be the best person to give advice, but here it goes.

DON"T GIVE UP! If you enjoy blogging, and getting to know other bloggers, don't let the glamour and glitz get the better of you. The followers will come, sometimes slowly and sometimes all in a bunch. Be patient. If you love it just do it, for yourself!

MAKE FRIENDS! Chat up folks in Twitter, leave comments, be honest and friendly.

BE POLITE! Always thank the people who help you, be it other bloggers, or authors and publishers. Always say thank you. ( for the consideration, for the book, for the opportunity to work with you, etc)

Blogging is supposed to be fun! Always remember that!! Put some of yourself into your blog, you WILL find your voice and your followers.



  1. I was at the Book Blogger Convention at BEA yesterday and I just couldn't believe how many bloggers there were in one place. And I have to say people were not only really friendly, but wonderfully in love with books. I have never been around so many people in love with books. I had to say it again because I really mean it. I don't read fast enough to blog the way you do (and it would get in the way of my fiction writing!) but I think your suggestions are great for anyone trying to find community on the internet.

  2. I totally agree about not getting tied up in the glamour!

  3. It's wonderful advice and beautifully written.