Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Literary Road Trip- Sandra Brannan

Former Colorado resident, Sandra Brannan has written a riveting story, set in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since I live here, I can say that the setting is a good part of the story. It is always fun to recognize places when you are reading.

 At the forefront is a mystery, an intriguing villain, and a wonderful new heroine, Liv "Boots" Bergen.

Liv Bergen is the boss of a limestone quarry, an unusual job for a woman. One of her female employees, an intern,  has been savagely murdered, by a sadistic butcher, "The Venus de Milo Killer". This killer is depraved, he is one of the worst killer I have ever encountered in my reading, but, he is fascinating.

When an old friend, and FBI profiler, Lisa Henry shows up on her doorstep, Liv learns that Jill is just the latest victim of a serial killer. While the FBI work to figure killer out, Liv figures out the murder weapon, earning the respect of both the local police, and the FBI. As future targets scramble about, unaware, the Special Agent in Charge, Streeter Pierce and his team frantically try to find the killer.

There are some suspects among Jill's classmates, and as Streeter is questioning some of the professors at CSU, another murder is happening, with still another being planned. With everyone looking for answers, Liv is mourning her friend, and anger fuels her search for the killer.

Will she be the next victim?

This is not a romance. This is not a cute read. This is a seriously good read!

This is a terrific, new, adult voice in the mystery genre. I look forward to more Liv Bergen and much more Sandra Brannan!

I received this book from Marissa at JKS Communications. I cannot than her enough!

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