Thursday, June 16, 2011

Save Me- Lisa Scottoline

When an explosion rocks her daughter's elementary school, Rose McKenna is helping in the lunch room as a volunteer. Her daughter, Melly has been bullied by Amanda, a mean little girl with a mean circle of friends. Melly has a facial birthmark, making her the target for cruel taunts. After witnessing an event, Rose starts talking to Amanda, since the school supposedly has a no tolerance policy for bullying. 

Rose is blown across the room, and when she comes to, she helps Amanda and her friends through the smoke and fire, pointing out the exit, and runs to find Melly. She finds her unconscious and carries her to safety, but when they are taken to the hospital, Amanda is brought in, in a coma. 

Rose goes from hero to villain in a heartbeat. She learns what Melly has benn going through, when the parents and the press turn against her. She is reviled as evil, a woman who would leave a little girl in danger to find her own daughter.

With the other parents set against her, the threat of lawsuits and possible prosecution, weighing on her, Rose starts to investigate the cause of the explosion. 

Will the Mc Kennas lose everything? Will Rose go to jail? Can they ever be accepted again by the parents in Melly's school? Will Rose find the ansewrs in time to save herself?

This was one terrific read! Sad, scary, realistic, and totally believable, Save Me was one that made it impossible to put down. Grownups acting like bullies are nothing new, but in this book they jump off the page, and grab you by the throat. 

I highly recommend this book, with one is disturbing in the beginning, but I think that is the "Mamma" in me.

I received this book from Library Thing Early Reviewers, for review. Thank you!

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  1. Lisa writes from her heart and your cannot judge her true writing skills from one book. She has wrote several books that will keep you wanting more and this was one of them. Even though this one was a little predictable, I was not disappointed.