Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Little Catch Up

So we loaded up Tinkerbell and  hit the road for a week long road trip. My books weighed a ton and I think I took my whole closet, just in case. You never know when you will meet the Queen on the road. Our first stop was Santa Fe and it was warm wonderful and very , very windy. We met some nice folks in a 50's and up RV park. They thought we were full timers because of the size of our rig. We were towing a Jeep because we were going to Moab. I had to laugh because it was the first time we towed a car, but at least we must have looked the part.

When we arrived in Moab, I was so excited, because my favorite indie bookstore is there (other than Tattered Cover) We grabbed a slice at Zax's pizza and mosied down Main Street and I immediately saw that something was wrong. 

Where was the friendly sign, luring me in? Where was the smell of coffee and the people coming in and out?


Gone, it was gone. My Moab touchstone was no more.

I asked what happened and the T-shirt guy said it moved across the street next door to Back of Beyond , another bookstore. Whew....I was so relieved. Across the street we go and there is the sign...and I looked in the window only to see...well, it looked like a tornado went through. Wood shelving piled everywhere, no friendly staff, no coffee smell. Damn.

We went into Back of Beyond and don't get me wrong,they have a lovely store, with a really neat rare book section,  but they did not carry magazines, have coffee, or sell any of the fun bookmarks, coffee cups, tote bags, that I love to add to my book purchases. They said that  Arches Book Company was done. I want to weep! (but they said I could get coffee across the street) I bought a book because I felt bad,and because they are an Indie, but it will no longer be my destination of choice, I'm afraid.


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