Monday, June 06, 2011

So Close the Hand of Death-J. T. Ellison

The Pretender, a serial killer is back, and this time he has help. Across the country murders are being carried out by persons unknown.Taylor Jackson, Nashville homicide detective, is being taunted by the message "Let's Play". Her friends and family are in danger, so she wants to work alone.

A blogger is seeing the overview, as she writes her true crime blog. Colleen is the widow of a fallen police officer, working with police departments all over the country. As Taylor is in the midst of a horror in North Carolina, Colleen starts putting the pattern together.

As things from bad to worse, Taylor is racing against the clock to catch her killer/killers. Taylor decides to hunt the Pretender down and kill him. She finds herself in a very dark place. Her FBI lover, John Baldwin has been suspended, and he struggles to protect her.

The Pretender targets Taylors friends, and with so many deaths to be solved, will they find the killer/killers?

This was such a good story, I got all of the series from my library, so I could catch up and jump into the dark world she inhabits. The stories are dark, and very well written, leaving this reader on the edge of her seat, rushing to the end, but wanting more!

I received this book from Planned Television Arts for review. Thank you!


  1. This is still the only book in the series that I have read, though I really want to read the rest of them.

  2. They are all good! I am glad I read the rest of the series!