Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sunset Bridge-Emilie Richards

The women of Happiness Key are back in Sunset Bridge. A few things have changed and some things have not. Wanda's daughter Maggie has moved back to the Key, Jayna is still lusting for a child, Tracy is still with Marsh and is having money troubles. Alice is struggling to raise her grand-daughter. The Rec center is still going strong, and Wanda's Wonderful Pies is growing.

Marsh and Tracy are arguing like cats and dogs, and Tracy suddenly finds herself unexpectedly pregnant.She is not sharing the information with Marsh, as she struggles with nausea and an ever expanding waistline.

A sudden, terrible event leaves Jayna with 2 samll children, and Maggie, a former cop agrees to pull in some favors and to look into the case. She enlists the help of her former lover, Felo, a fellow cop. As she noses around, several exciting things happen to the area. A movie company is filming, a new bridge is being designed and built.

The star of the film is convinced that "pies are the new cupcakes", and he loves Wanda's pies.
Her success brings a dizzying offer.

When a hurricane threatens, and Maggie is missing, the women do what it takes to save her, and themselves.

This book is about the strength of women, and the importance of friendship. It also reminds us of the value of communication, and of course, LOVE!

This is a terrific book!
I received this book from Planned Television Arts for review. Thank you!

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