Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wanna Get Lucky & Lucky Stiff-Deborah Coonts

Chick lit has a new girl on the block. Lucky O'Toole is the Customer Relations Manager of the Babylon Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and she has a heck of a job to do. Between drunken guests, a porn convention, a million loose bees, crazy celebrities,she also has murders to contend with. This girl can do it all! In heels!!

Lucky works for the Big Boss and her mother runs a high class brothel., which causes her no end of trouble. Her man, Teddy, is a female impersonator and he is NOT gay. He sings and writes music that makes her heart sing.

These books are like sneaking backstage in a Vegas show. They are an inside view of what it's like behind the glitz and glamour. You see the good and the ugly but it is all fun.

High rollers, low life's and everything in between make these books funny, sassy, smart and flirty. Perfect books for the dog days of summer. Take them on that Labor Day trip, to the pool, to the school play, but take them!

Lucky juggles men, guests, her family, and friends with such a sense of humor, that you can't help but fall in love with her! She is a spunky new heroine who deserves to be read.

If you are looking for fun reading, these books are for you. Read Wanna Get Lucky  first, and Lucky Stiff  second. If we are "Lucky" there will be many more!

I received these books from FSB Associates for review. Thank you!!


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