Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Girl with Three Legs-Soraya Mire- Eve Ensler

Somalia was a country in upheaval. Soraya was a child with friends who would not play with her because they said she had three legs. Unable to understand, she turned to the person she trusted most, her mother.Promising her a "gift" at 13, her mother took her to a stranger, a man, to be mutilated. (genital mutilation) Her female parts were cut off and she was sewn up, only to be opened by her future husband.

It was part of the culture, and was thought to keep girls from getting wild, and making them more attractive to a potential husband. This husband might be a relative, or an older man, not of the girl's choosing. Her Mother marries her off to a cousin, who brutalized her. By escaping him, she saved her own life.

This is a harrowing story, but one that should be told. Countless girls are abused in such a manner, under the mantle of "culture". By speaking out, Soraya Mire risked everything, but she continues to speak out about the worst form of child abuse I can imagine for a young girl. Her bravery is an inspiration, as she battles the men of her country, and the women who follow them like sheep to slaughter. While it is hard to change a culture, I hope it is not impossible. All women should read this book! Most of us will count ourselves lucky.

I received this book from NetGalley for review.


  1. There is hope. Foot binding doesn't happen anylonger and it was a fight to end it.

  2. Agree with Heather, especially if we as bloggers help spread the word about books like this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds harrowing and yet a book we should read.

    Hoping you are doing ok and have had no more mishaps. x