Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Woman Who Could Not Forget-Ying-Ying Chang

Iris Chang was an amazing writer. This book, written by her mother, is a wonderful tribute to her work and her life.

Iris grew up, wanting to do her best, she worked very hard and ended up writing one of the most heartbreaking, true books I have ever read, "The Rape of Nanking". Growing up, she heard her grandparents speak about the atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese on the Chinese people during World War II. She was compelled to write her book after seeing a photo exhibit about the crimes.

Iris grew up, wanting to work hard and please her parents, doing well in school, wanting to write. And write she did! She listened to her teachers, and became one of the best writers I have come across.( I think I was so affected by her writing because at the end of World War II my Dad was in China. He saw what had happened there, and always told me how wonderful the Chinese people were.)

Her first book, "The Thread of the Silkworm" was about a blacklisted Chinese scientist, and went on to write her most famous book.

After writing her highly acclaimed book, she traveled endlessly, lecturing, researching further, writing and along the way she married . I was somewhat confused by her marriage. Her Mother did not say too much about it, except that she was happy, but it seemed to me that they led separate lives for much of the marriage.

Iris and her husband were both very driven to succeed. She became depressed when her son was diagnosed with Autism. I am not sure but it seemed to me that all this couple did was work and move from one home to another. Iris wanted to keep her fight alive, and she did not want the "second holocaust" forgotten.

As her fame grew, she started taking anti-depressants, suffering a serious breakdown while on a lecture trip.
Not long after, she took her own life. Her Mother believes it was caused by the medications, but we may never know.

A true voice was silenced, but Ying-Ying Chang, will not let us forget her daughter and her contributions.

This was an obvious labor of love and a tribute to an amazing woman.

I recommend it to anyone who has read "The Rape of Nanking" and to anyone interested in the life of it's author, Iris Chang.

I received this e-book from NetGalley for review.

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