Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Salon-Long Story Short

Where there should be a picture of moi and Nancy Pearl, is a blank space. I cannot find my camera....I know it is somewhere.

So to catch up..Two weeks ago my family pulled off the most amazing surprise birthday party for my 60th birthday at Maggianos Italian Restaurant. Many of my friends were there as well as some of my kids friends. It was a beautiful 4 course dinner and we had a private room with our own bar and bartender. I was so surprised!!!! (and I got to wear a crown) I had no idea they were planning anything. I had asked for KFC for my dinner...thinking at least I wouldn't have to cook.

Last Monday I got to attend a cocktail hour and  reading at the Highlands Ranch Library for/with Nancy Pearl, who we all know is the author of the Book Lust books. She is so funny, charming and quick. It was a pleasure to hear her speak about books and reading. When I find my camera, I will post the pic.

Last weekend we jumped into Tink, our motor home and went to Chatfield lake for some peace and quiet. Sometimes it seems I can't even hear myself think with all the kids and people living here. SO it was a wonderful respite on a rainy, gray weekend. We were cozy and warm. And it was just the two of us. (and the dogs)

I have a physical scheduled but am not looking forward to finding out why my hair is falling out and what that pain in my throat is (tonsils?). I just hate when they put a name on it, official like. Sometimes it is better not to know. (ignorance is bliss..I must be the happiest idiot there is)

I have a special book for tomorrows review called "Anything" by Michael Baron. Just wait!

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  1. What an amazing two weeks, what a wonderful family. Belated best wishes for your birthday.