Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Dog's Purpose-W. Bruce Cameron

This whole thing may be a *****SPOILER******, so if you don't want to know, don't read any further.

As stated in my review policy, I do not want to read a book where the dog dies. Really, my family says I like dogs more than I like people, and I think they might be correct. So when this book was offered, I was hesitant, but I was assured that  it was not that kind of book. So I agreed...

The dog dies. Not once, not twice, but a few times. Okay, I got over it...

Actually this is an amazing book. The dog in question, may die, but it is reborn, remembering everything it learned in its previous life. What a help that was for the poor pooch. As each lifetime be it short or long, went on, the dog wonders why it keeps coming back. Looking for its purpose, it is a street dog, a family pet, a search and rescue dog..and I am not telling the ending.

 Needless to say, I figured I would need a tissue or two, but in fact, I ended up using a freaking bath towel to sop up my tears. It was wonderful! I think everyone needs a soul shower every once in a while.

I loved this book!! Love, love loved it!!!

 It was the dogs soul as well as its purpose that captured me. It was funny, smart, sadder than sad and beautiful. Everyone should read this book! Especially dog lovers.

I highly recommend it! It is definitely a book for humans.

I received this book and a really cute beach towel from JKS Communications for review. (will post a pic when I find my camera) Thank you so much!



  1. I wish I could remember what I learnt in past lives :-)

  2. Wouldn't that be amazing?

  3. Anonymous1:52 AM

    So I found an radio interview that Elaine Charles, and the Book Report radio show. Bruce Cameron talks about the freedom he was given to write as he wished. Go listen for yourself. Very nice guy :) http://bookreportradio.com/archives.html it was in the beginning of December 2011