Sunday, March 11, 2012

So Damn Lucky- Deborah Coonts

so damn lucky

She’s back!


Lucky O’Toole, customer relations manager extraordinaire, is back, with dead magicians, a missing body, no Teddy, a pregnant mother and a boatload of crazy gamblers.

Clever, funny and so much fun, the Lucky series is a sure winner.

Like a wonderful box of chocolates you can’t stop eating, So Damn Lucky was one I couldn’t stop reading.

After finding her father, Lucky has her hands full as she prepares for a Halloween séance to speak to Houdini, a crazy sex party, falling for a French chef, and losing Teddy, her longtime love.

Area 51, break ins on the 30th floor, UFO nuts, and the running of her casino.hotel, keep Lucky feeling not so lucky. People living in the sewers under Las Vegas, all add flavor and color to the regular cast of characters.

I love this series, and all I want to say to Deborah Coonts is,

MUST WRITE FASTER!!!! I need more Lucky!

I received this book from FSB Associates for review. Thank You!!


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