Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gossip-Beth Gutcheon

The origin of the word gossip is God-sibling, the talk between godparents with a loving interest in the person being talked about. Most gossip today is not loving, and it usually does not stay between only godparents.

Lovie is keeper of the secrets.

The owner of an upscale dress shop, she hears it all, and keeps it to herself. Her best friends from boarding school, Dinah and Avis, have been enemies for ages, but when their fall in love and marry, they maintain an uneasy truce. Dinah married well and became a gossip columnist and Avis made a name for herself in the wild world of art.

As they age, lessons are learned, loves are lost and found, bitterness and sadness are part of the new scenery. In the midst of it all, Lovie maintains her stoic observation of it all. She is the anchor of this story, and she is deftly handled by author Gutcheon. All of the characters are well written and their voices are true.

The tone of this book put me in mind of the wonderful "women's" movies of the 40's, you know the ones I mean. With the wonderful shoes and great suits. I recommend this for anyone who wants a good read, and to feel that terrific feeling of observing from afar. It is terrific.

I received this book from the publisher for review and I apologize for the delay.

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