Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Goodbye again

The Man is busy getting ready for a trip to Moab for Jeep Safari. He just lives for the dust, rocks, and the unparalleled beauty of the red rock walls of Moab. Imagine if you will, thousands of Jeeps,
Toyotas, a few fancy Land Rovers ( don't get those dirty), any type of four wheel drive you can imagine, all parading down the Main Street, flags flying, men grinning like little boys with the very best toys. That is Jeep Safari.

In the past, I have gone with, but I find this year I just want to stay home and work on my closet.( no it's not finished yet)Plus, I have to finish all the library books that came at the same time. So, Jack the Dog and I will be home, cleaning closets and reading books, until the mountain man returns for our anniversary.

32 years!! Woo Hoo! It doesn't seem possible knowing all the friends who have gotten divorced, that we just continue on and on. I think having separate interests, as well as being really good friends, makes a big difference. I have my reading, and he has his Jeeping. Then we get together and sing Karaoke.....

"The Lost" is heartbreaking and bleak so far. The saddest part is knowing it all really happened, and not so very long ago. The lengths this author went to, to locate information about his family, lost in the Holocaust, are just amazing. It makes me wish I had a better memory, and that I had paid more attention to family tales, growing up.

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