Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What a day

Today I went to a meeting with one of my clients, to a marketing "expert" whose seminar she had attended. She is not that into the tech stuff so I agreed to go with, if it was not snowing. Well.....first up I had to get my brows waxed(ouch) and my nails done so I could make a good impression. Tiny snowflakes were sporadically falling...starting...stopping....fluttering, so I decided I wouldn't cancel. I mean, how bad could it get? (duh...Colorado...February) I left over an hour early so I would not get lost and be late, and anyone who knows me, knows I do not drive if a flake is falling, and even when I do drive, it is a 6 block radius. But I had promised, so I felt I had to go out. I started out like the climbers of Mt. Everest, Sherpa included, carrying my bag (Filofax, pens, paper, book in case I was early, scarf, gloves, water bottle) and my purse, cane and heavy coat, looking for all the world like I was going on a long trip. (It was only 47 miles) But felt like a round the world tour. I can't seem to make myself drive on a highway, so took surface streets through Denver, a place I used to know well, but in the last 16 years, have not traveled through much. Traffic was awful (I had forgotten) and the going slow, as I went through completely unfamiliar neighborhoods, in parts of town, I would never normally go. Past really icky motels, sleazy looking bars, alot of sad homeless people, and finally to the meeting place, where of course there was no parking. I made it exactly 1 minute early, so was able to find my client and get to the meeting on time. All the time I was driving, the snow was getting thicker, and the wind colder, but again, how bad could it be? Well, by the time we finished an hour later, it was zero visibility, snow clogging up the wipers (at least my butt was warm.Thank heavens for heated seats) headlights on, wipers straining, and tension filling my body. Shaking by the time I got home, several inches of snow on the ground and more coming, I swore I would never go out to a meeting in a snowstorm again. That is, until tomorrow....I have a gallery show that I have to photograph for my clients website, and for the arts group I do web work for. Someone please kill me now!

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  1. Snow is the bane of my existence too. Although this week, it's actually ice that's slipped its way into first place. I feel for you.