Friday, May 23, 2008

Tornadoes is a comin...

Tornadoes in Colorado are not unheard of, however, they are not common either. Today 6 big, no make that HUGE, tornadoes hit northern Colorado. A small community called Windsor was hit very hard. 130 kids from a daycare center huddled in a bank vault, not a scratch. People just weeping over their lost homes and dreams. Heartbreaking. So much damage and fear, makes me think, if I knew something big was coming, what would I grab? I just moved my parents photo album off a shelf and onto a table in easy reach. I would have to pull photos off the wall and off the TV where they sit so I can see them every day, in order to save them. The books are all replaceable, so I guess Jack the dog and I would be huddled in the basement with stacks of photos and little else. It's funny to think I have so little of value. I guess I might grab my favorite purse (one of oh so many) , and maybe my favorite pillow ( they don't make it any more, and it took forever to find one I really liked). We ended up being far from the worst weather, but it really made me think. I put the Boys car in the garage just in case, in very tightly beside my beloved Jeep, and since the Man is away in Moab for a week, we had room (in case of baseball sized hail). I feel very grateful that we are safe and did not have to gather precious items into the basement, but now I wonder...maybe I should get a box to keep everything that matters in. But if it is sitting in a box, ready to run with, then I cannot enjoy it every day. So I guess I will let the weather do what it will, I will continue to gaze at my photos on a daily basis, I won't let fear put me in a box and I will be grateful for the fact that I have a roof on my house, I have people who love me, and I did not have to hide out in the basement with a small, barking dog.


  1. adrienne6:03 PM

    I live in Oklahoma where we deal with tornadoes on a weekly basis in the spring. You know what? It never even occurred to me to take anything with me when we take cover. Just the family and pets. And maybe the library books. :)

  2. I can't imagine this every week...Yikes....Library books are good..would they not charge you in case of a tornado??(overdue or lost?)