Thursday, January 15, 2009

Duma Key- Stephen King

My replacement book arrived! So I am continuing Simple Genius by David Baldacci, and enjoying it so much.
"Duma Key" by Stephen King reminded me of a Dean Koontz novel. It was subtle, not gross, and thoughtful. When Edgar Freemantle is horribly injured ( terrible head injury, and loss of a limb) in an accident, he moves to Duma Key in Florida, to start a new life. Stephen King knows about injury, since his accident, and writes it realistically, and sympathetically. Edgar starts sketching the sunsets, and ends up painting haunting, impressive paintings. Of course everything has it's price. He makes friends with an old woman and her companion, Wireman, down the beach, and together they try to find the secrets that haunt the Key. When his paintings start bringing horrible consequences, Edgar scrambles to get them back from the art collectors and friends who bought them. Will he succeed? The character I did not like was Edgar's ex-wife. She was not very understanding and I just thought she was mean. A good read, but don't finish it in the dark!

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  1. I would never have put Stephen King and Dean Koontz together! I just finished the latest Koontz -- something about the "Bodies Left Behind;" title escapes me right now. BUt I enjoyed it thoroughly. Now I'm reading (almost done and can't wait to get to the end!) a great spy novel, Deadly Exchange by Geoffrey Gluckman. It's his first book, which I found hard to believe because it's so well done. (Hmmm, I guess that's the secret to getting published.) There's espionage, naturally, high-tech stuff, a person unwittingly thrust into danger and intrigue, even romance. Jason Bourne needs to move over.